Research Committee

The Research Committee assists in the support of research by Emeriti and the use of research by the Emeritus College in accomplishing its mission. See below for possible future directions and contact us to get involved!

Chair: John Bugge, Professor Emeritus, English and David Goldsmith, Professor Emeritus, Chemistry

For more information about this committee or its activities, please email John Bugge.


The charge

Promote research by members of the EUEC and provide support no longer available to them because of “graduation” from full-time departmental status.

Actions to be undertaken

  • Work with Development on securing research funding for emeriti, especially for faculty in the health sciences and schools and divisions other than Arts and Sciences.

  • Constitute the Research Committee as the selection committee for the Mellon Fellowship nominations from Emory

  • Take over responsibility for the Heilbrun Fellowship from the Dean of EmoryCollege.

  • Lobby the University for research-related perquisites and advantages like library carrels for active emeriti.

  • Keep a record of emeritus research and publicize results in the Newsletter.

  • Contribute to the selection of the Distinguished Emeritus Awards (on research-related criteria).

  • Hold monthly meetings (lunch colloquiums) of those actively doing research, to share information.

  • Microfunding:  raise funds for small contributions to research, small grants, e.g. photocopying – the sort of expenses that a department would have taken care of.

  • Find ways to promote “public scholarship” with public relations and publicity.

  • “Publish” research in Emory undergraduate and graduate courses, also in local high schools.