Interdisciplinary Seminars

Since the spring of 2014 the Emeritus College has held at least one interdisciplinary seminar per year on broad topics ranging “The Nature of Evidence” to “Individual and Community” and “The University in Crisis.”  More recently, a seminar has chosen to focus on a single controversial book whose “universal history” format itself crossed disciplinary boundaries – Yuval Harari’s Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (2015).  The next offering will consider the general subject of “20th-Century Paradigm Shifts.”
In each case, the intellectual enterprise is very much a cooperative venture, with participants drawn from across the rich array of disciplines to be found at a research university – philosophy and radiology, German studies and biochemistry, French and immunology, geology and nursing – and with each contributing his or her particular expertise to a mutually beneficial learning experience. Each seminar member chooses a particular topic and proposes appropriate readings on it to the group, then takes responsibility for leading the discussion in the seminar meeting devoted to it.
The overall goal of the seminars is to foster intellectual stimulation and continued growth in the life of the mind in a truly collegial atmosphere.  All EUEC members are welcome to participate.