Interdisciplinary Seminars

The members of the Emeritus College are exceptionally keen to inaugurate An “in-house” interdisciplinary academic learning community, or seminar. Each seminar in the Emeritus College would involve between ten and twelve members for a period of eight to twelve weeks during an academic-year semester. The first seminar will be titled “The Nature of Evidence.  Subsequent seminars will focus on a single broad topic (e.g., “Ethics in Context,” or “Responsibility”), and require each member to propose a set of readings appropriate to the topic from his or her disciplinary perspective.  The Emeritus College might require a “buy-in” from each member of the seminar in the form of a small fee for supplies and refreshments.  The purpose of the seminar would be simply to foster intellectual stimulation and growth among its members, but it might also prompt some who take it to develop what they learn for publication.  The first seminar is tentatively scheduled to take place in the spring of 2014. Active faculty members are welcome to participate.