Interdisciplinary Seminars

In the spring of 2014 the Emeritus College inaugurated its first interdisciplinary seminars, one on the topic of “The Nature of Evidence,” the other on a similarly expansive theme, “Individual and Community.” Each attracted a half-dozen participants from specialties as diverse as philosophy and radiology, German studies and biochemistry. Each seminar member was asked to propose a set of readings appropriate to the topic from his or her disciplinary perspective, and then to take responsibility for presenting those readings in one of the seminar meetings in a manner that would display their relevance to the general topic. 

This initiative continued in the fall of 2014, when about a dozen Emeritus College members joined together to create a seminar on “The Future of American Higher Education,” a topic with obvious interdisciplinary appeal. The overall goal of these seminars is to foster intellectual stimulation and continued growth in the life of the mind in a truly collegial atmosphere.

All EUEC members are welcome to participate.