Telling Emory's Story

An anniversary offers an occasion to look back and reflect on history. At the same time, we find our history continues to evolve through new research, understanding and perspective.

Here we offer a selection of old and new perspectives on Emory's 175 years of history.

Emory History Minutes

Emory Report brings you Emory History Minutes, a video series that tours historical sites around campus.

Anniversary Year Reflections

Essay Excerpts from Where Courageous Inquiry Leads

The story of a great university's development unfolds in the 44 chapters of the latest published history of Emory, Where Courageous Inquiry Leads: Studies in the Emerging Life of Emory University. We've selected a few of the chapters from the book to excerpt here.

Proceeds from the book benefit the Walter Candler Fund, whose support makes historical and humanities research possible. Order your copy of Where Courageous Inquiry Leads.

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Telling Emory's story

Websites, books, papers and archival materials share Emory's story. Here are a few highlights.

  • Where Courageous Inquiry Leads: The Emerging Life of Emory University
    Edited by Gary Hauk and Sally Wolff King; Bookhouse Group; 2010
  • A Legacy of Heart and Mind: Emory since 1836
    By Gary Hauk; Bookhouse Group; 1999
  • Emory University 1915-1965: A Semicentennial History
    By Thomas H. English; Emory University; 1966
  • A History of Emory University
    By Henry Morton Bullock; Parthenon Press; 1936