Dooley with escorts

"Presidents may come, presidents may go; professors may come, professors may go; students may come, students may go; but Dooley goes on forever!"

Dooley represents a quirky tradition on campus. The biology lab skeleton safeguards the official Spirit of Emory. Acting through students selected to don the Dooley mantle, he maintains a vigorous and unpredictable presence during a week in his honor in the spring. The identity of these students is one of the best-kept secrets on campus. Each spring, students celebrate Emory's resident spirit in a week of fun, foolishness, and rich tradition. Dooley has the power to dismiss class—and that is just the beginning of a memorable week.

Curriculum Vitae

Current name
  • James W. Dooley
  • Spirit of Emory
  • Lord of Misrule
  • Emory College of Arts and Sciences
  • Oxford College
  • Biology
Course Taught
  • Spring Break 101
Office hours
  • Primarily spring, annually
  • Emory University, DPT, 2014
  • Emory University, AA (Oxford), 2012
  • Emory University, LLM, 2011
  • Emory University, MM (Music), 2010
  • Emory University, DPT, 2009
  • Emory University, MD, 2008
  • Emory University, MPH, 2007
  • Emory University, JD, 2006
  • Emory University, BS (Nursing), 2005
  • Emory University, PhD (Liberal Arts), 2003
  • Emory University, MBA/MDiv, 2002
  • Emory University, BA, 1899
Honors and Awards
  • Highest Honors in Creative Writing, 2015
  • J. Gordon Stipe Society for Creative Scholars, 2013
  • Emory Award of Distinction
  • Employee of the Semester, every spring
Academic Appointment
  • President's Cabinet Emeritus
  • Resting in peace
  • Shooting squirt guns
  • Dismissing classes
Current Projects
  • Dooley's Week
  • Dooley's Cup
  • Higher education
  • The afterlife
Personal website
  • Dooley, James W. "Viable perambulation techniques for apparitions," The Emory Wheel, 2006
  • Dooley, James W. "Dry bones: Transgressive behavior and gender confusion in mascots of academe" (PhD thesis), Nature, 2003
  • Dooley, William M. "An analysis of the effects of variable construction noise and dust levels on the rest and relaxation of skeletons," Smithsonian, 1999
  • Dooley, James T. "An analysis of the optimization of timing the disassembly of organized educational convocations," CASE Currents, 1985
  • [Anonymous publication] "Reflections of the Skeleton," The Phoenix, October 1899

Contact Information

James W. Dooley
c/o Administration Building 410
201 Dowman Drive
Atlanta, Ga. 30322


Editor's note: Any resemblance this biography may have to a real person, living or dead, is accidental, unintended and, we believe, metaphysically impossible. Publications listed may be ethereal in nature, making them potentially difficult to find.