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Exploring the science of lasers and pheromones, growing food on the Oxford Organic Farm and having dinner with cancer patients to discuss patients' experiences with the disease: these are just some of the opportunities for Emory undergraduates to enrich classroom learning with hands-on experience. Browse this sampling of fall classes to discover how our professors are using innovative teaching methods to engage students directly with specialty subjects. | Full story

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Emory University ranks among the nation's most highly regarded research universities.

Find out why: Get to know Emory through our Points of Pride section, where we've gathered highlights of our academic, research and community accomplishments. | Top Rankings

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Why Emory ranks among top universities 

For more than a year, Emory has partnered with Coursera to offer free, not-for-credit, massive open online courses, or MOOCs. This type of online education has been popular — with some 241,000 students from around the world registering for Emory’s Coursera courses.

This fall Emory expands its Coursera presence once more by rolling out several new courses, including one that offers a multidisciplinary glimpse into the complex problem of violence, beginning September 3, taught by Emory professors Pamela Scully and Deb Houry, and a course on Childbirth: A Global Perspective, by Professor Lynn Sibley, set to start October 1.

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New, free online Coursera fall courses 
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