End of Employment / Early Termination

If your employment with Emory will end before the end date on your I-797, ISSS has to notify USCIS.

First, your department should fill out the early termination notification e-form in ISSS Link. Please confirm with your department administrator that they've done this.

Then ISSS will contact USCIS to cancel the remaining time on your H-1B petition.

Your H-1B employment authorization isn't portable, meaning that if you are changing employers within the US, you have to get new H-1B authorization with your new employer.

As an H-1B scholar, you don't get a grace period at the end of your authorized stay, so you will need to leave the US right away.

If you've decided to leave Emory, please take a few minutes to fill out our exit survey. Your feedback will help us improve Emory as a destination for international scholars.