Occasional Lectures/Consultations

As a J-1 Exchange Visitor (EV) in the Research Scholar or Professor category, you may participate in occasional lectures or consultations related to your Exchange Program activity. You must receive written approval, however, from your Exchange Program's Responsible Officer (RO) or Alternate Responsible Officer (ARO). If you are sponsored by Emory University, an International Scholar Advisor in the ISSS office must review and authorize in writing approval for such lectures and consultations before they occur.  You may be authorized to perform up to two occasional lectures or consultations per month during the course of your exchange program.

The RO/ARO, in accordance with regulations [22 CFR § 62.20(g)(1)(iv)], must determine that the proposed lecture or consultation is:

Furthermore, the RO/ARO will be required to enter the institutional address where the lecture or consultation will occur in the Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) as a new site of activity. Once approved by the RO/ARO, the J-1 EV will be authorized to perform such activity and will be issued the letter approving the occasional lecture or consultation. This letter can then be given to the institution, company, or entity that issued the invitation, and used as evidence for authorization of payment of expenses and/or honorarium if such payment has been offered.

Procedures for Approving Occasional Lecture or Consultations

IMPORTANT:Each invitation received by a J-1 EV from an institution, company or other entity to perform an occasional lecture and/or short-term consultation MUST follow the above procedure to be authorized for such activity in advance of conducting that activity and receiving payment

Authorization to Work beyond Occasional Lectures/Consultations

The authorization to accept compensation described above is meant only for occasional lectures or consultations. Under these circumstances, you will not be considered an employee of the institution or organization that has invited you to lecture or consult. You will be considered an independent contractor. As such, your authorization to receive payment will simply be the letter issued by your RO/ARO approving the activity. You will need to present the letter to the inviting institution or organization to receive payment. You should also keep a copy of the letter for your permanent records, proving that you had authorization to receive such payment.

If the activity will be more than incidental or occasional, for example you will be teaching a course at another school for an entire academic term or perform collaborative research over a sustained period of time, then you will likely not be considered an independent contractor but rather an employee of the institution or organization that has invited you to perform the activity. Your Exchange program’s RO/ARO must issue an amended DS-2019 reflecting this activity and indicating the amount and source of funding on the DS-2019. You should discuss this activity with your RO/ARO who will then instruct you on what procedures must be followed to receive the amended DS-2019. The amended DS-2019 can then be used as one of the documents necessary for completing the Form I-9, "Employment Eligibility Verification,” which must be complete before you may commence this activity at the institution or organization.