Emory Mobile is a university-wide platform serving students, faculty, staff, alumni, visitors and community members. The platform delivers existing sources of data free of charge, synchronizing the experience from desktop to handheld device.

Are you a publisher of data of interest to the entire Emory community? There are several ways to become a part of the Emory Mobile suite.

Populate Existing Apps

We welcome your contributions to Emory Mobile's existing applications, and the additional apps planned for future versions. The easiest and most cost-effective way to participate is through one of the following services:


Information appearing in the Emory Mobile directory is maintained and managed by Emory's Online Directory service. Only already public information is visible to users of the Emory Mobile application. For assistance with this service or to correct or add information to these listings, please see Incorrect or Missing Information.


Information featured in Events is powered by the university's Trumba calendar. Submit as much detail as possible about your event to your respective school or unit calendar, or submit it to the main University calendar.

If you would like to have your school, unit or special events calendar included in the Events list on Emory Mobile, please email the URL of the Trumba RSS feed to


The videos on Emory Mobile are populated by the Emory University YouTube channel. Contribute your video to the channel for it to appear on Emory Mobile.


Emory Mobile draws on numerous RSS feeds from across the university to populate the News section. Include your single news item into one of the existing campus news outlets, such as Emory Report.

If you would like your regularly publishing RSS-format Emory news outlet to be considered, email


Within the Maps application, these themed lists help people on campus find related areas of interest.

To be considered, a list of places must have broad, community-wide appeal. Email to discuss your proposal.


Within the Maps app, five self-guided tours have been developed to enhance the visitor's campus experience. Campus buildings serve as stops on the tours with supplementary text for further detail.

If you have an idea for a tour that has broad, community-wide appeal, email to discuss your proposal.

iTunes U

Contribute content to Emory's iTunes U presence. For more information, visit Emory on iTunes U's Contribute page.

Developing New Mobile Apps

Emory Mobile was created by Blackboard Inc. New apps developed by Blackboard or other schools using the technology will periodically become available, continually enhancing the capabilities of Emory Mobile.

As discussed above, there are many opportunities to plug into Emory Mobile. If you are still in need of different functionality and have the resources for custom app development, you may propose to enrich Emory Mobile with a new app. Additional apps must be approved by the IT Governance Board prior to their creation. This is to ensure compatibility with the existing Blackboard Mobile standards and campus-wide appeal.

To begin the discussion, email with an abstract of your idea. After review, you may be contacted by someone in Library and Information Technology Services (LITS) to begin developing the business case. Please note that no resources are available from the Emory Mobile initiative, and all proposals must include secured sources of funding.