Religions and the Human Spirit

Star of David, Congregation Shearith Israel, Atlanta

Coptic Cross, Cairo Mosque, Cairo Buddha, Carlos Museum, Atlanta Durga, Carlos Museum, Atlanta


Contemplative Studies

Religion, Society
& the Arts

Strategic Initiative

The Religions and Human Spirit initiative creates interdisciplinary research and partnerships to address pressing issues of religion and our common life: peacebuilding, sexuality, health, contemplative practices, science and the arts.

Documenting contemplative practices from religions of the world and examining their capacity to promote empathy, as well as individual and community health.
Promoting non-violent coexistence by studying and engaging ways in which religion both escalates and reduces conflict locally and globally.
Fostering individual, communal and social well-being through multidisciplinary inquiry at the intersection of religion and health, in order to address public concerns such as HIV/AIDS and reproduction.
Deepening religious and ethical engagement with scientific research into such areas as the environment, the brain and behavior, and the origins and diversity of life.
Studying how religious stories, rules and rituals shape human sexuality, in order to promote its integration into the lives of individuals, families and communities.
Fostering a deeper understanding of the ways in which the arts express and explore the multiple dimensions of life in different religious contexts and cultures around the world.

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