Journeys of the Soul

On a 2001 trip to Montana, Jari Grimm (fourth from left) and fellow Emory Journeys participants examine inscriptions left on Deer Medicine Rocks by Sitting Bull. Grimm is supporting Journeys in hopes that Emory students who otherwise could not afford it can travel to places of conflict and reconciliation.
Kay Hinton

Passing through the separation barrier between the Palestinian West Bank and Israel. Standing in Revolution Square in Havana. Taking part in a Cheyenne sweat lodge ritual beside Montana’s Tongue River.

The Journeys Program, sponsored by the Office of the Dean of the Chapel and Religious Life, is an interreligious program that “invites groups to encounter the world’s complexities, to hear stories of pain, liberation, hope, and healing, and to seek wisdom outside university walls,” says Susan Henry-Crowe 76T, dean of the chapel and religious life.

Emory staff member Jari Grimm (whose husband, Doug Grimm 63MBA, and son Bennett Grimm 97C are Emory alumni) had such an amazing Journeys experience in Montana that she kicked off a campaign with a pledge that resulted in a total of about $40,000 in donations to the Journeys program. “I only wish that I had gone while I was in college,” Grimm says.

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