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First Cole forum features Carter, Cuomo, Laney: Former New York governor Mario Cuomo was the keynote speaker for the first annual Kenneth Cole Forum for Community Building and Social Change, held Feb. 20–21, which examined terrorism and homeland security. Cuomo enjoys a special relationship with the forum’s benefactor; he is Kenneth Cole’s father-in-law. “This guy will do anything to sell a pair of shoes,” Cuomo said after Cole’s glowing introduction Feb. 20. Click here or above for the full story. Photo special to Emory Report.


Acting on a recommendation from President Bill Chace, the Board of Trustees promoted Gary Hauk to vice president and secretary of the University at their Feb. 14 meeting. ”Gary Hauk has served ... with remarkable ability, exquisite finesse and unfailing graciousness,” Chace said of Hauk, who has served as secretary for 11 years. “His faithful presence and insightful contribution to the good of the institution have enabled the work of three chairs of the Board of Trustees and three University presidents.” Photo by Ann Borden.





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