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Earl Lewis learning his way around
: The deli in Cox Hall, now named “The Sandwich Shop,” features Boar’s Head meats—just one of the changes brought on by Sodexho’s arrival on campus as Emory’s new food service provider. So far, those changes have been minor—name switches on several Cox Hall eateries, as well as new menu items—but over the summer more significant changes will appear as campus dining establishments close for renovation. Among Sodexho’s most ambitious plans is to open Jazzman’s Cafés in Woodruff Library and White Hall. Jazzman’s, a Sodexho trademarked brand, features coffee, sandwiches and bakery items made fresh daily. Photo by Jon Rou.


Visitors to the Administration Building can see a display of Coca-Cola memorabilia on loan from Clyde Partin, ’50C, ’51G, in the first-floor glass wall case opposite the elevator. Partin said he began collecting Coke memorabilia “by accident” around 1990. He happened to have a Coke paperweight on his desk, and someone asked if he was a collector. He looked at the paperweight and replied, “Well, I guess I am,” and his visitor offered him a commemorative bottle. “Pretty soon,” Partin says, “I had a good stash.” Now he has roughly 500 pieces, about 400 of which are bottles. “In 1990, when it was announced that Atlanta would host the 1996 Olympics, I went out and bought six cases of the commemorative bottles,” Partin says. Some of his favorite pieces are a bottle from Mexico with a figurine, a Coca-Cola horse-drawn carriage, miniature bottles and a Coca-Cola cookie jar (“Especially when there are cookies in it,” Partin quips). All of these items are on display. Photo by Jon Rou.






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