February 15, 2010

Cedar Lake, more dance into spring

Cedar Lake Ballet

The spring semester of dance leads off with the internationally acclaimed Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet making its Atlanta debut with an intimate look at renowned Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin’s “Decadance,” Feb. 24-26 at 8 p.m. (Schwartz Center, Dance Studio, sold out, call 404.727.5050 for waitlist and to receive future announcements).

The meteoric rise of Israeli choreographers and the dynamic relationship between American and Israeli dance are the topics of dance scholar Deborah Friedes Galili’s free, public Friends of Dance Lecture, “Foreign Exchange: American and Israeli Dance from Martha Graham to Ohad Naharin” (via webcam) on Wednesday, Feb. 24 at 7 p.m. (Chace Upper Lobby, Schwartz Center).

Through their daring, athletic movement and integration of ballet into contemporary and popular forms, the dancers of Cedar Lake take audiences on a choreographic journey that explores the infinite possibilities of movement and multimedia. The New York Times described the company’s movement style as “dancing that pulls viewers right out of their seats.”

Created to showcase the breadth of Naharin’s choreographic work, “Decadance” is composed of various excerpts of his pieces from the last 20 years adroitly crafted into a coherent whole. From aggression and fierce lust for life to capricious dream worlds, “Decadance” reflects Naharin's distinctive vision and sensibility.

“Decadance is about reconstruction,” says Naharin. “I like to take pieces or sections of existing works and rework it, reorganize it and create the possibility to look at it from a new angle. It always teaches me something new about my work and composition. It is like telling only either the beginning, middle or ending of many stories but when I organize it, the result becomes as coherent as the original, if not more." The performances at Emory will include sections from “Black Milk” (1985), “Mabul” (1992), “Anaphaza” (1993) and “Naharin’s Virus” (2001).

The dance line-up for spring semester also features the ever-popular Women’s History Month Dance Presentation, March 18 at noon (Carlos Museum, Reception Hall); the Emory Dance Company Spring Concert, April 22–24 (Schwartz Center, Dance Studio, ticketed) featuring new works choreographed and performed by dance students; and the Fieldwork Showcase co-sponsored by Several Dancers Core on May 2, at 5 p.m.

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