March 1, 2010


Bridging a gap in nursing

Long gone are the days when nurses were thought to simply fluff pillows and change bedsheets. In the 20th century, nursing programs joined forces with universities, began successful Ph.D. programs, and created large bodies of research on nursing practice and theory. Still, a relevance gap between practice and theory took hold, prompting concern.

Now Mark Risjord, associate professor of philosophy and nursing, fords a new way forward with his latest book “Nursing Knowledge: Science, Practice and Philosophy” (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010). With his dual expertise, he offers novel ways of thinking about the philosophy of nursing, which also leads to implications for the practicalities of nursing.

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Listen to Mark Risjord talk about the relevance gap between practice and theory in nursing.

Listen to Mark Risjord read from his new book.

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