September 21, 2010


Zionism, Israel and the Judeo-Christian imagination

Shalom Goldman Book Report

For decades, Professor of Hebrew and Middle Eastern Studies Shalom Goldman has been intrigued by American Christians’ political and financial support of Israel. While other scholars offered up mainly sociological explanations for Christians’ fascination with Israel, Goldman found them lacking. After all, few, if any, had taken a thorough look at the religious underpinnings of Christian Zionism.

But in his new book “Zeal for Zion: Christians, Jews, and the Idea of the Promised Land” (UNC Press, 2010), Goldman shows how and why the idea of a promised land for the Jews has captured the religious imaginations of Jews -- and Christians -- up to the present day.

Click on player below to listen to Goldman talk about the religious basis for Christian Zionism.

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Click on player below to listen to Goldman read from the introduction of “Zeal for Zion.”

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