February 3, 2011

Art and science combine creatively at Showcase

Todd Deveau, "Vino"

Deborah Baumgarten, "Graffiti Lock"

Allison Rollins, "Untitled"

The third annual Emory Arts Showcase on Jan. 29 brought together artists from across the University to celebrate and share their work with a supportive community of students, faculty, staff and a panel of judges. 

Saturday's showcase featured eight performances from finalists in the categories of performed music and original music, as well as a gallery display of the 10 visual arts finalists in the Schwartz Center's Chace Upper Lobby.

Finalists included Emory College students, graduate candidates, health care faculty and University staff. Their entries blended genres or combined disciplines. The union of the arts and sciences created a recurrent theme throughout the evening, with many finalists bringing their backgrounds in the sciences out in their work. 

Undergraduate Kang Hyeokhweon's original composition "Arirang Rhapsody" drew on Korean influences, American jazz and other genres to transform the traditional Korean folk song.  In 2010, Hyeokhweon received a grant from the Emory College Center for Creativity & Arts to study music in Korea to inform and influence his music composition.

Charles Murin, a research specialist in the Department of Biochemistry, explored the relationship between the natural world and man-made pollutants in his abstract painting "Teal Lake." 

Eduardo Hazera, an undergraduate double major in biology and music, performed a guitar composition that combined several classical guitar genres to earn him the first place spot in the "original music" category.

The top entries in the other two categories were also from students with a penchant for science.

Adam Levinson, an undergraduate chemistry major took top honors in the "performed music" with his rendition of Bob Dylan's "Highway 61 Revisited."

Todd Deveau, a student in the Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, was the top finalist in the visual arts entries. His photograph, "Vino," shows beauty in the everyday, and playfully looks at the curves and colors of wine in a glass.

Judges praised the finalists for their craftsmanship and encouraged developing artists to push the boundaries of form and content. The judges included Student Government Association president Beth Brandt, music professor and director of wind studies Scott Stewart and Assistant Director of the Visual Arts Program Mary Catherine Johnson.

To view and listen to all the Emory Arts Showcase winners, finalists and entries, visit

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