April 20, 2011

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Alliance of religion and human rights explored

Tying together the colorful threads of Christianity with those of human rights through the last two millennia is what you might call a challenge – unless you're Emory Law professors John Witte Jr. and Frank Alexander. As directors of Emory's Center for the Study of Law and Religion, both men have spent their careers at the intersection between religion and law.

Witte and Alexander are co-editors of "Christianity and Human Rights: An Introduction" (Cambridge University Press, 2011). The book is composed of curated essays from 20 leading Christian scholars that reveal Christianity's strong influence on the development of human rights norms – and laws -- in the Western world. The book also explores ways in which Christianity has struggled to make sense of some contested areas of human rights, including same-sex partnerships, environmental stewardship and gender equality.


Listen to John Witte talk about the book.

Listen to Witte read an excerpt from the book.

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