October 5, 2011

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A soldier betrayed in Cuba's struggle for freedom

Emory English and African American studies professor Mark Sanders edited and translated Afro-Cuban war veteran Ricardo Batrell's autobiography.

Almost exactly 100 ago, Afro-Cuban war veteran Ricardo Batrell fought in a war that had promised racial equality. But he became upset as he witnessed post-war Cuba show little change for the better.

Batrell's recourse came in the form of rhetoric and war stories found in his memoir, the only known autobiography penned by a black soldier during that time. In "A Black Soldier's Story: The Narrative of Ricardo Batrell and the Cuban War of Independence" (University of Minnesota Press, 2010), Emory professor of English and African American Studies Mark Sanders has translated and edited the first English edition of the book.

Listen to Mark Sanders talk about Ricardo Batrell, the writer of "A Black Soldier's Story," as well as read a section of the book:

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