Chimpanzee Cultures

Explore the cultural variations in chimpanzee behavior.

Chimp Haven

A nonprofit organization dedicated to the lifetime care of chimpanzees

Centre for Social Learning and Cognitive Evolution

An interdisciplinary research group focused on evolutionary approaches to culture, cognition, and communication

Primate Research Institute Kyoto University

The Japanese national research center for the study of primates

Living Links to Human Evolution Research Centre

The University of St Andrews primate research center

Primate Info Net

A comprehensive source for general primate information

Bonobo Conservation Initiative

An organization dedicated to ensuring the survival of the bonobo

Summer Undergraduate Research Program at Emory (SURE)

Opportunities for undergraduate students to conduct summer research

Think Elephants

Dr. Josh Plotnik, our recent graduate, is the founder and CEO. The organization focuses on conservation of elephants through education.

Beloit College

Dr. Kristin Bonnie, our recent graduate, is an assistant professor in the psychology department.

Association for Psychological Science

Dr. Amy Pollick, our recent graduate, is the director for government relations.

Hapalemur Ever After

Dr. Katie Hall, our affiliate researcher, blogs about her trip to Madagascar to compare the feeding ecology of Southern gentle lemurs.