Emory University COVID-19 Dashboard

Emory University is committed to transparency and to providing accurate and timely updates to our community while protecting the privacy of our students, faculty, and staff.

yellow operating status meter

Emory has developed a color-coded system to indicate the university’s current operating status. The current operating status is modified yellow.

Emory’s dashboard includes COVID-19 vaccination rates and positive test results reported for students, faculty, and staff of Emory University. Members of the Emory community can find information on available COVID-19 testing and where to get vaccinated on the Emory Forward website.

If you develop COVID-19 symptoms, have been exposed to COVID-19, or you tested positive outside Emory, please review what you need to do next.

For the purposes of this dashboard, a confirmed COVID-19 case is defined as a person who has tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The dashboard also includes information on infection rates for the counties in which our campuses are located and metropolitan-Atlanta area hospital capacity.

Unless otherwise noted, the COVID-19 dashboard will be updated daily at noon with the previous day’s situation data from all sources.      

The dashboard lists COVID-19 positive cases since June 1, 2020, since many of our faculty and staff members remained on-campus during the summer months.

Here are definitions to help navigate the COVID-19 dashboard:

  • Vaccination rate: The total number of Emory students, and the total number of Emory faculty and staff who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, as available in Emory's student health medical record system and Emory’s employee health medical record system. An individual is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving the final dose of one of the approved vaccines.
  • Campus prevalence: The current percent of positive test results from Emory’s asymptomatic screening program as measured in the past 10 days on Atlanta and Oxford campuses. Percentages are calculated as the rate of positive results out of the total tests administered in the most recent completed week for the student and the faculty and staff populations who were screened that week.
  • Total COVID-19 positive faculty/staff cases: The total number of COVID-19 positive university faculty and staff cases that have been reported and confirmed positive by the contact tracing team for the Atlanta and Oxford campuses. Totals are shown for the past 10 days. These numbers do not include cases of Emory Healthcare employees or university employees who work at health care facilities.
  • Total COVID-19 positive student cases: The total number of COVID-19 positive student cases (undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students living on and off campus) that have been reported and confirmed positive by the contact tracing team for the Atlanta and Oxford campuses. Totals are shown for the past 10 days.
  • Students in on-campus isolation or quarantine: The current number of students who are managed in isolation (positive index cases) or quarantine (contacts of positive index cases) in dedicated accommodations on campus and followed daily by Student Health Services providers and Isolation and Quarantine coordinators.
  • Emory University screening test results: Results of the Emory University COVID-19 screening tests of asymptomatic members of the Emory community through Emory’s on-site testing program. The number of positive results is shown for the past 10 days, and the positivity rate is charted weekly. Any faculty, staff, or student who is not fully vaccinated due to an approved exemption will be required to conduct a weekly screening test.
  • Screening Testing Capacity: The number and percentage of administered screening tests vs. available testing capacity through the Emory asymptomatic COVID-19 screening program, shown for the most recent completed week. Capacity has steadily increased to accommodate frequent mandatory and recommended testing of the Emory community and to ensure safe campus operation.
  • Regional COVID-19 prevalence: The prevalence rate is the number of persons with a new or preexisting diagnosis of COVID-19. This is conveyed as the number of reported cases per 100,000 people per day in DeKalb County (Atlanta campus) and Newton County (Oxford campus).

Here are the data sources used in this dashboard, typically refreshed nightly with the situation data as reported in the previous day:

  • Emory University confirmed cases, students in on-campus isolation and quarantine and positive cases reported: Sourced nightly from Emory contact tracing program data for all reported positive tests of faculty, staff, or students, and for students managed in on-campus isolation and quarantine. Confirmed case counts include positive confirmed cases from self-reported tests in addition to Emory’s screening test results shown on the screening test results visualization. The details table displays the list of individual cases reported on or off campus during the previous two weeks. Data does not include cases of Emory Healthcare employees or university employees who work at health care facilities.
  • Emory University screening tests: Sourced nightly from Emory University on-site COVID-19 screening test program data, including positive case counts, testing capacity monitoring, and mandatory testing compliance. The program is mandatory for all students enrolled in the semester and physically present on campus. It is also available to faculty and staff members. The screening program is subject to change as the situation evolves, such as adjusting testing capacity and testing compliance frequency and measures.
  • Atlanta regional health care utilization: Sourced nightly from the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency’s GEMA/HS SITREP data, available publicly at the Georgia COVID-19 Data Hub
  • Daily new cases per 100,000: Sourced nightly from county case counts available publicly from the Georgia Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 daily status report. New cumulative counts are calculated per 100,000 people for DeKalb County (Atlanta campus) and Newton County (Oxford campus). 

*Please note that there might be times when the dashboard would need to be temporarily unavailable due to technical or other considerations.