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Kara Grant

Kara GrantKara Grant, M.A.

Director of Operations and Grants

Former visiting faculty member in the Department of Communication at Georgia State University, Kara Grant has been on staff with the Barkley Forum since 2000 and directs programs, budgets, and assessment. She is Director of the Atlanta Urban Debate League and the Georgia Middle School Debate League and has served as an advisor to the National Debate Project, Associated Leaders of Urban Debate, National Association for Urban Debate Leagues, Glenn Pelham Foundation, Miami Dade Urban Debate League, and others in the national urban debate network. She has raised over $1 million in grants and awards for the support of urban education initiatives at Emory and is the administrative director of the Barkley Forum for High Schools tournament. Grant oversees the architecture for the proposed Center for Debate Education at Emory and has received recognition from the Atlanta Public Schools, the Miami Dade Urban Debate League, and the National Debate Project.


Phone: 404-727-6189