Emergency Contact Information

Campus Emergencies

As part of the Emory emergency notification system, this information will be posted on the Emory homepage at emory.edu. Please start there for the most recent and updated news regarding the situation and its effect on the campus.

Emergency calls: Police, fire, or EMS
Emory Police Department

Emergency Notification System Testing

The Emory Emergency Notification program is a multimodal system for alerting students, staff, faculty, and visitors of an emergency affecting the Emory community. The wide array of notification options affords Emory the flexibility to convey emergency information in the most appropriate manner and provides redundancy to help ensure the message gets out. Not all emergencies require all of the notification components to be engaged simultaneously. 

The Emory Emergency Notification System is tested monthly on the first Wednesday of the month. If there is inclement weather, the test will be moved to the second Wednesday of the month. If inclement weather persists, the test will be cancelled for the month.

Emory Safe

Emory Safe is a personal safety mobile app that Emory University is providing to all students, faculty, and staff to download for free. The app serves as a preventive measure to stop crimes and incidents before they happen by leveraging the community’s eyes and ears in helping to keep the campus safe. It provides a quick, convenient, and discreet way to communicate directly with Emory University safety officials, enhancing your overall safety and allowing Emory University Police to better protect you. It also contains Just In Time: A Guide for Campus Emergencies, which can help you be better prepared for emergencies.

How to Download Emory Safe

Download “Emory Safe from the App Store or Google Play. (Enable location services and push notifications when prompted.)

  1. Sign up using your mobile phone number.
  2. Create a password and fill in your name.
  3. Search for “Emory University” to connect with the organization.
  4. Add your email to your profile (Left Menu > Settings > Profile).