Student Research

Finding Your Passion

Your Impact Awaits

Even if you are unsure of where your future path leads, Emory sees that as an opportunity. Through education, leadership, and guidance, we help uncover and encourage your curiosities, so you can discover big things—well before you graduate. 

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Undergraduate Research

Digging Deeper


Seniors can apply for the opportunity to research and graduate with honors.

Emory Libraries

Experience specialized assignment research help in one of our multiple libraries across two campuses.


Spend a summer doing research on biomedical or biological projects at Oxford College.


From individual grants to workshops, resources, and events, we’re here to help you pursue your interests.


Center for AI Learning students showcase research

In its inaugural year, the Center for AI Learning has facilitated 24 curricular and cocurricular projects involving more than 130 students. As students navigate their projects, they not only gain AI competencies but also valuable experience in project management, client service and team dynamics.

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Graduate Opportunities


Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing

Research with faculty experts and take advantage of our status as No. 5 among nursing schools in National Institutes of Health research funding.

School of Nursing Research

School of Medicine

From resources to faculty, to NIH funding, see why Emory has consistently been one of the fastest-growing research institutions.

School of Medicine research

Candler School of Theology

Make an impact on our communities and the world through scholarship and church service.

Contextual Education at Candler

Goizueta Business School

Work collaboratively with industry leaders, conducting research that helps shape the business world.

Research at Goizueta

Laney Graduate School

With broad expertise and interdisciplinary training, you can be present in nearly every area of research at Emory.

Arts and Sciences Research

School of Law

Get opportunities to work closely with faculty and experts both inside and outside the classroom.

Emory Law centers and programs
Public Health

Rollins School of Public Health

Engage with other students, faculty, and staff in collaborative and interdisciplinary projects making an impact on global health.

Research at Rollins
Global Opportunities

Take Your Research Overseas

From specialized scientific opportunities for teams and individuals to programs designed to offer a change of scenery, see what it takes to qualify for these once-in-a-lifetime study abroad research opportunities. With financial aid and support from advisers, theres a world of research out there, and were here to help you explore it. 

Emory Study Abroad Research
Emory faculty working with local public health authorities in French-speaking nation

Graduate Research

Tracking ticks in Georgia to help monitor emerging diseases

Emory researchers have mapped the distribution of the lone star tick across Georgia to help build awareness for where people are most likely to encounter the most common biting tick in the state.

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Emory by the Numbers

1 in 4
Undergraduates participate in an honors program
Biomedical engineering program in the nation
Laney Graduate students pursue 50+ degree programs