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Committed to Care

With the most comprehensive clinical services in the state, we tackle all your health needs through innovation and empathy. And our ongoing mission to serve humanity by improving health is guided by caring, excellence, integrity, and value. Through sickness and in health, we're here for you.  

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Affiliate Hospitals

Breaking Boundaries for Better Health

Our medical faculty do more than just train students and residents inside Emory Healthcare facilities. By teaching, researching, and providing care at our three Atlanta affiliate hospitals, we're able to take our passion for health care even further. 

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Clinical Trials

Research Brings Hope

With sponsors from the NIH and CDC to industry partners and our very own faculty, we're developing new and better ways to prevent and treat disease. Our trials range across the health spectrum, and they allow patients and healthy volunteers to participate in our goals toward discovery. 

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Patient Stories

Inspiration Happens Here

Jalen Richardson

Surviving a fiery motorcycle crash was only the beginning

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Jacynta Brewton

Delivering premature twins reveals a mother’s hidden cancer

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Ja'lisa Thomas

Thanks to a radical new treatment, this patient got her life back

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Brayden Harrison

Overcoming a traumatic brain injury through a new pediatric neurosurgery protocol

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Andy Lipman

Cystic Fibrosis Warriors: Aggressive defenses against this genetic disease are extending lifespans

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