For the Greater Good

We put curiosity to good use, and we are hungry for the next idea that can make a difference. There is always something new to solve, so we’ll continue to tackle it with the best and brightest solutions to better lives throughout the world. 

COVID-19 Research

Drug Discovery at Emory

For decades, Emory has been at the forefront of discovering treatments for diseases of global concern. In the 1990s, it was HIV. Then, cancer and hemophilia. Today, it's COVID-19.

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Student Research

Ancient DNA Lab Maps Human Lineages

In Emory’s new ancient DNA lab, students explore genetic lineages of the deep past to better understand modern-day populations of the Americas.

Students Analyze DNA Extracted from Ancient Bones
Ro De La Rosa in the anteroom of the Emory ancient DNA lab
Social Science Research

How Grandmothers’ Brains React to the Sight of Their Grandchildren

Research published by Emory anthropologists scanning grandmothers’ brains while they’re viewing photos of their young grandchildren provides a neural snapshot of the special, intergenerational bond.

Providing a neural snapshot of a special bond
An elderly woman hugs a baby
Historical Research

Documenting Slave Voyages

Created by Emory, a massive digital memorial shines new light on one of the most harrowing chapters in human history and helps American families and researchers worldwide in their quest to discover how and when millions of enslaved Africans arrived in the Americas.

Bringing history to life
photocopy image of 18th/19th-century manifest listing names, ages of enslaved people

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Emory by the Numbers

Of HIV patients in the US are on a drug discovered at Emory
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Innovation Near and Far


From providing $688 million in community benefits to improve the health care of Georgians to $151.5 million in charity care by Emory Healthcare in 2019, we recognize that change starts here.  


With 90,000 hours of community service and green initiatives that rank us among the top 10 universities in the country, our reach spreads well beyond Atlanta. 


Over 24,000 participants in more than 2,100 active clinical trials—plus partnerships to help tackle some of the most dangerous diseases such as COVID-19—ensures our research can make a difference worldwide.