Emory’s Impact

The World Is Our Opportunity

As one of the nation’s leading research universities, our rankings speak volumes. But what matters most to us is the number of lives saved, partnerships forged, and discoveries driven—across the globe.

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Centers, Institutes, & Partners

Mindsharing to the Max

Through collaborations and partnerships with top-tier organizations, Emory has endless possibilities for creating an impact. It’s the definition of community—a mission to benefit lives far beyond our geographic boundaries. 

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Tools to Change the World

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Faculty Spotlight

A Top Math Discovery

A European heatwave provided the final spark Emory mathematician Hao Huang needed to crack one of the most important—and baffling—open problems in theoretical computer science. Mathematicians and computer scientists had grappled with the sensitivity conjecture for three decades without success. Huang became intrigued by it in 2012. Six years later, he came up with a simple algebraic method for proving the conjecture.   

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Hao Huang
Hao Huang
Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Emory College of Arts and Sciences

Emory by the Numbers

Research funding awarded in FY 2023
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