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1836 Dinners

1836 Dinners

In 1836, Emory University was founded and named for Bishop John Emory who dreamed of an American education that molded the character as well as the mind in a vibrant intellectual community. 1836 Dinners will celebrate the tradition of the university's strong educational community by offering first-year students several opportunities each year to dine together as a residence hall community along with faculty, alumni, and administrators.

Every fall, an 1836 Dinner is held for each freshman residence hall to welcome incoming freshman to the Emory community. Centered around the theme of each hall, the Dinners, together with 1836 Dinner Hosts, student leaders, faculty, staff, alumni, and administrators, bring freshmen together for an evening full of meaningful and thoughtful conversation. Furthermore, 1836 Dinners are also held throughout the year and extended to students of all classes with distinguished guests to speak on a chosen topic.

All dinners begin at 6:36pm.

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