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Dean's Message on Pakistani Tragedy

In this time of tragedy, we extend our deepest sympathy to all members of the Emory community affected by the recent and horrific terrorist attacks at the Peshawar Army Public School and College in Pakistan. Please know that you do not have to face these challenges alone. As part of a caring community,[...]

Campus Life Update on Bias Incidents

In response to a bias incident that occurred earlier this semester, President James W. Wagner, in a letter to the university community, stated emphatically, "Emory University will not tolerate such acts. Instead we must together pledge Emory University's continuing commitment to raise awareness and prevent[...]

Norovirus and Considerations for Thanksgiving

As you know, our Emory community has been dealing with an outbreak of Norovirus gastroenteritis since Wednesday, November 12. To date, nearly 150 students have sought care for gastroenteritis at either Emory Student Health Services or the University Hospital Emergency Department. We also know that[...]

Emory Gastrointestinal Illness Confirmed as Norovirus

As noted in Thursday night's all-student email, we were awaiting laboratory results regarding a gastrointestinal illness that had affected many students in our Emory community. Friday night we received confirmation from the Georgia Public Health Laboratory and Emory Medical Lab that all patient samples[...]

A Statement of Continuing Commitment to Create Change and Address Social Injustice

At Emory, we strive to create an interdependent, inclusive, and socially just community where individuals can reach their full potential, live in a physically and psychologically safe environment, and work collaboratively to create change. As President Wagner has stated, "we must together pledge Emory[...]

Emory Campus Kitchens Founder Exemplifies "Catalyze"

Catalyze - one of several Division of Campus Life key concepts for the year - is described as "compelling one to significant action." The concept applies to hundreds of Emory students whose response to the widening social and intellectual awareness of a liberal arts education is to take "significant[...]

Statement from Dean Ajay Nair

The university administration was recently made aware of allegations that a bias incident occurred at Monday's intramural flag football game between the Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) Fraternity and another team comprised of Emory students. Witnesses allege that during the game, AEPi's opposing team was subjected[...]