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Exclusive video documentary: A Dean's Quest

December 5, 2017

What happens when the Dean of Campus Life receives a charge to sing the Emory University alma mater to help promote Homecoming 2017?

The #EmoryRemixChallenge, a social media campaign conducted in October to highlight school spirit and build student excitement for Homecoming 2017, inspired these shenanigans. Students were encouraged to submit their own videos for a chance to win tickets to a Jay-Z concert that was held in Atlanta in November. Three videos were selected as winning entries -- two individual submission and a group submission of three students. View Dean Nair’s video and the winning student remix videos on Facebook. ( )

What? No Facebook account? Seriously? In that case, you can view Dean Nair’s video at the following link. (BTW, click past the “private” notice, if one appears.)

Emory University Alma Mater Homecoming 2017 Remix Challenge

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