Autumn 2009: Campaign Chronicle

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Susan Cruse

Bryan Meltz

Confidence Counts

By Susan Cruse, Senior Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations

When Emory launched the public phase of Campaign Emory in September 2008, the response to the record-breaking $1.6 billion goal was overwhelming. The level of excitement on campus and among our constituents was sky high.

In the weeks immediately following the public announcement, as economic stability around the world began to collapse, the question was raised whether Emory would continue its ambitious plan. Emory’s response was clear: “Absolutely.”

Certainly the past year hasn’t been the easiest for fund-raising, but Emory’s donors remain steadfast and confident that the people and programs they are supporting are sound investments. In the past year Campaign Emory has raised more than $133 million, bringing our total to $978 million and providing critical funding for the University’s greatest priorities. (For a breakdown of giving by school and unit, see the graph below.)

Working alongside federal research funding, these private gifts strengthen Emory’s mission to create, preserve, teach, and apply knowledge in the service of humanity. These gifts also prove that multiple constituencies, including individuals, foundations, corporations, and federal agencies, concur on one thing: An investment in Emory yields significant results.

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