Volume 75
Number 3

The Classes

"Thanks for the memories"
A message from AEA Executive Director Bob Carpenter

Sixth Alumni University

Class of ’34 endows scholarship

Japan Emory Alumni Assocation

Anthony Ephirim-Donkor ’88T-’94Phd

Mary Cobb Bugg Callahan ’77G

Raleigh H. Watson ’61D and Henry B. Patterson ’61D

William C. Warren IV ’79M-’82PEDS

"We Teach Possibilities"

Ghost Stories

In Hog Heaven






An Emory presence in Japan

(Standing, left to right) Masahiro Imaeda ’97MBA, Taku Minami ’96MBA, Isao Banno ’75PhD, Satoshi Ketsuka ’95MBA, Ikuo Kurosawa ’85MBA, Tomoomi Uchiyama ’97MBA, Satoshi Abe ’97MBA. (Seated, left to right) Steven Steiner ’98C, Shouhei Miki ’91MBA, Masako Uragami Marigane ’97B, Takeshi Saito ’74T, Nana Shiratori ’92C, Koichi Sugiyama ’92MBA. (Not shown, Seita Yamaoka ’95MBA.)

Earlier this year, the Japanese Emory Alumni Association (JEAA) held its first official meeting in Tokyo, at which the fourteen founding members elected association officers and celebrated with a traditional kanpai toast ceremony.

According to JEAA Chief Secretary KOICHI SUGIYAMA ’92MBA, about one hundred and sixty Emory alumni are known to reside in Japan. Many of them originally gathered in 1996 for a visit from University President William M. Chace and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, then met again in 1998 for a visit by Claus M. Halle, founder of Emory’s Institute for Global Learning.—G.F.




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