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In Defense of Doubt

Jay Ewart 03L was fresh out of law school when he joined the defense team for death row inmate Troy Davis. More than seven years later, he still can’t get the case off his mind. Story

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Emory Alumni: Are you living “green”?

If you have made a unique personal or professional commitment to sustainability, we want your story! Emory Magazine would like to interview alumni around the country who have made deliberate, innovative lifestyle choices or changes in an effort to support the environment. Please write to Mary Loftus, associate editor, at mary.loftus@emory.edu with the subject line “Living Green.” The deadline is February 10. Thanks!

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The Memory Keeper

Scholar Tiya Miles 95G never imagined that her historic narratives of obscure lives on the fringes of early Southern society would earn her one of the world’s most prestigious grants. Story


Running on Faith

When presidential hopefuls are vying for position as the “most Christian” candidate, religion and politics are clearly colliding in the public sphere. Candler faculty say theological education is critical to creating leaders who can speak above the fray. Story

Divine Debate: ‘Stuffy Academics’ versus ‘Holy Rollers’


Main Streets

Chicago Sun-Times reporter Frank Main 86C won a Pulitzer for local reporting by exposing a “no-snitch” code that was blocking justice in the Windy City. Story

Advancing an ‘Agenda of Truth’

Big Wheel Keep on Turning



Altizer is Not Dead

The significance of the Altizer affair was paid homage during our recent 175th anniversary celebration, when he was named one of the 175 Emory makers of history and his story was featured in a full-page New York Times ad highlighting a handful of events that helped shape Emory as an institution of integrity. Story



“[This] Fantastic Issue celebrating the 175th anniversary . . . provides a number of examples of what makes Emory unique as an institution;I certainly felt a lot of pride reading it.”

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