Cover Story

Higher Calling

Join Emory student Nick Gibson 13PA and the first all-United States military team as they take on the tallest mountain in the world—all in the name of veterans.

Photos by Nick Gibson 13PA
Story by Paige Parvin 96G


Of Note


Joseph Lowery with arms raised, speaking at podium that says SCLC, House the Homeless, Support the Poor People's Crusade

Time Marches On

If you imagine that the momentum of the civil rights movement faded away with the echoes of a gunshot in April 1968, the archives of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference—now open for study—offer a surprising wealth of evidence to the contrary. Story


The Complexity of Cuba

Lessons in national identity, race relations, culture, and currency from our colorful neighbor to the south. Story

Portrait on the Quad of Toy Rudolph and her scholarship recipients

Cycle of Giving

How a scholarship granted during the Depression created a ripple of student support that reaches farther with each generation. Story

Windows of Opportunity

Turn your inspiration into action.

Graduate wearing cap that says 2013 Emory, Thanks Mom and Dad

Commencement 2013

At least one of Emory’s 4,228 graduates took advantage of the Commencement spotlight to send a personal message to Mom and Dad. See more images


Protestors in Istanbul

Risk and Reward

So it’s the Fourth of July, again, and that means a lot of things—including, apparently, finishing up the summer issue of Emory Magazine—although what it doesn’t mean this year is fireworks, because at least here in Atlanta, it’s pouring rain. Story


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