Charlie, friend of editor Paige Parvin

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And the Dog Has His Day

You’ve always known your dog is a genius who can understand you and even read your thoughts. Thanks to a recent surge of interest in research on the canine mind, there’s finally science to prove it. Story

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Portrait of Bill Fox and one of his dogs

Of Note


A golden bamboo lemur in the wild

Survival Mode

Madagascar is a marvel of biodiversity and beauty. It’s also an island on the brink of ecological disaster. A team of Emory researchers is exploring the interactions between people and animals to find out why. Story

Shannon Gourley holding some labratory mice

Life Lessons

From elephants to mice, through responsible study and careful observation, animals have something to teach us about pretty much everything. Story

Medical worker examining a pregnant woman

Breathing New Life

A faculty member in the School of Nursing has devoted her career to giving vulnerable new mothers and babies a better chance. Story

Windows of Opportunity: Turn your inspiration into action.

Paige with Charlie as a puppy


Charlie the Charmer

The first time I met Charlie—the cute blonde on the cover of this issue of Emory Magazine—he was behind bars. Maybe that should have been a clue. Story


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