May 9, 2005

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Michael Terrazas, Editor

Eric Rangus, Senior Editor

Katherine Baust, Staff Writer

Christi Gray, Designer

Jon Rou, Photography Director

Diya Chaudhuri,
Editorial Assistant


Starting this fall there will be a very different view of the former Anatomy/Physiology Complex, as work is scheduled to begin on the School of Medicine Education Building. The two buildings flanking the A/P courtyard, both of which reflect Emory’s traditional architecture, will remain, while the Connector building will be demolished, making way for the medical school’s first dedicated home and a dramatically different look to the area surrounding WHSCAB. A rundown of Facilities Management’s major capital projects under construction this summer is featured in this issue (see Focus: Facilities Management).


Task forces to tackle community wellness

President Jim Wagner has green-lighted a pair of task forces, one on mental health and the other on alcohol and drug abuse, charged with collecting data on campus and prioritizing community needs in both areas. Formed in April, both task forces will work this summer to do just that.

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