March 2, 2009

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Bryan Meltz, Photography Director

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Photo: brYan Meltz
V is for nonviolence
“Vagina Monologues” author, playwright and activist Eve Ensler was on campus for Emory’s V-Day celebration to raise awareness and stop violence against women. An Emory benefit production of “Monologues” is particularly poignant for the Center for Women this year: On Valentine’s Day, Assistant Director Sasha Smith lost her sister to intimate partner violence. The performance was dedicated to her family, with proceeds supporting the Tiana Angelique Notice Foundation. To learn how you can help, contact the Center for Women.

Assessing student learning
There is a growing national conversation about quality and accountability in higher education. How do we know what students are learning? How can we identify areas that need improvement? And how can we recognize great teaching?
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Bright spots in dismal job market
The economy may be down, but the mood was upbeat in the Miller-Ward Alumni House during a stormy night in February for a networking event that brought together alumni, employers and students. MBA students and liberal arts major alike met and mingled during the packed Career Center event.
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