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January 11, 2010

Business ethics code emphasized

Emory is highlighting the University’s Code of Business Ethics and Conduct as part of its ongoing effort to reiterate the importance of the policy and for faculty and staff to remain compliant with it. The policy applies to all employees of Emory University and includes reporting and investigative provisions, conflicts of interest, and standards of conduct, among others.

In a note to the Emory community, President Jim Wagner said that Emory’s policy is “vital to the success and well-being of this institution.”  He added, “My administrative colleagues and I ask that you read this code carefully, thinking about its meaning beyond the letter of the law, and considering Emory’s guiding ethical principles and deep commitment to doing what is right.”

The Code of Business Ethics and Conduct has additional implications for Emory’s growing research programs.  According to Kristin West, associate vice president for research and compliance, “For years the federal government has required that its industrial contractors follow a code of ethics, and more recently, that universities also comply.  For Emory, which already had many of the ethics principles and standards of conduct in place, the larger goal is to maintain awareness about the policy. “

“We will conduct periodic reviews of how the policy is working and make adjustments to the code, as needed,” says West. “As we begin a new year, we will continue to communicate this policy to the Emory community, and to include it in ongoing employee training including new employee orientation.”

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