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January 11, 2010

Pledge to 'green your routine'

With the advent of the new year, many people have resolved to make positive and long-lasting changes to their lives and in their communities. Last year, Emory challenged its faculty, students and staff to “green their routines” and this year has enhanced its sustainability pledge.

As a community, Emory is making considerable strides to make its campus more sustainable. But what can you do as an individual?

Make or update your personal sustainability pledge at Everyone in the Emory community is invited to pledge their efforts to address matters like alternative commuting, green space preservation, energy reduction, recycling and reuse, water conservation, sustainable food and raising the awareness of other sustainable issues, whether on or off campus. Pledge participants will also be invited to renew their pledge each semester.

How does the pledge work?  Staff, faculty, alumni and students commit to three items from the pledge list. They can also let Emory know what they are already doing to promote sustainability. After the commitments are made, Emory community members are encouraged to ask three friends to also take the pledge.

First-time pledge taker Sharon Jordan, a senior secretary in Development & Alumni Relations, says “taking the pledge just seals the deal for things I am already doing. I take alternative transportation, recycle and don’t use the overhead lights in my office.”

Emory’s enhanced pledge now includes a carbon calculator that shows the carbon savings for each effort pledged, and allows Emory to track how much greenhouse gas emissions are being reduced from all of our efforts combined. The pledge also includes many resources for learning more about sustainability and how personal choices and efforts impact the environment. 

“There is no day like today to make a sustainable change,” says Jordan. “Not only are these things cost-effective, but they also help the environment.”

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