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February 15, 2010

New pharmacy coming to Emory

Emory patients, faculty and staff will soon have access to a new outpatient pharmacy that is currently being constructed in the Emory Clinic – providing a new level of customer service and quicker access to prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Construction on the new facility began in January on the retail outpatient pharmacy named "The Pharmacy at Emory.” The full-service pharmacy will provide access to all the prescription drugs patients would find at a local pharmacy, including over-the-counter drugs as well as more difficult-to-receive medications that are often needed by some patients, according to Amir Emamifar, administrative director of pharmaceutical services for Emory Hospitals, Clinics and the Winship Cancer Institute.

“This new level of service will allow us to better serve our patients, their family members, and our faculty, staff and students here at Emory. It is an exciting opportunity to continue to deliver on our promise of outstanding customer service and patient and family-centered care, while also extending a service so many of our thousands of employees need at any point throughout the year,” he says.

“Further, we have found that there are some patients who have difficulty locating some hard-to-stock prescription medications – particularly those receiving treatment for certain types of cancer and our transplant patients. This new facility will help reduce the time, effort and inconvenience for these patients – allowing them more time to concentrate on healing and recovery.”

The pharmacy will be located on the second floor of The Emory Clinic Building A — outside of Mocha Delites and near the skywalk to Emory University Hospital, providing easy walking distance access to most individuals on the health campus.

According to Emamifar, the facility is being constructed and will be managed day-to-day by AmerisourceBergen Corporation, but will be solely owned by Emory Healthcare.

The Pharmacy at Emory is slated to open in mid-March. Plans are under way to incorporate an Emory employee prescription plan into the employee benefits package in near future.

Additionally, other satellite pharmacy sites may be built around the health campus in the coming years depending on the success of the Clinic A facility, according to Emamifar.

“We hope to eventually provide quick and easy access to prescription services to every corner of our healthcare family – including facilities at other hospitals.”

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