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February 15, 2010

New trees truck-spaded on campus

Last month Emory received 10 oak trees through a donation by the Select Sustainable Tree Trust. The trees, larger than most planted on campus, average in height between 24 to 28 feet.  They were planted via a ‘truck spade’ (shown in photo, at right), which is optimal for the direct transport of larger trees since they are only handled once during the transplanting process.

The oaks, identified as ‘sustainable shade trees’ by the Trust, are currently 8 to 10 years old, and chosen for their long life capacities in urban settings.  This planting is consistent with Emory’s ongoing efforts to increase foliage on the campus under its “No Net Loss of Forest Canopy” policy, which replaces trees that have been previously removed. 

The new trees will support the environment, aesthetics and an attractive learning environment near Few and Evans Halls, Candler Library, the business school, the Dobbs University Center and the campus entrance at Haygood Hopkins Gate.  

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