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February 22, 2010

New online at Carlos iSites

Become an armchair archaeologist with a new blog series from the Carlos Museum.

Follow the work of Emory faculty members and Carlos curators on iSites, as they lead archaeological digs in Egypt, Greece and Israel. The teams chronicle daily activity at the excavation sites in this series of blogs.

Archaeologist and Carlos curator Peter Lacovara blogs from the site of Malqata, Tutankhamun’s boyhood home, now through March 3. Follow his work daily on the iMalqata iSite.

Or, explore the ancient island of Samothrace, home of one of the premier ancient Greek mystery cults, with art history  professor Bonna Wescoat and her team that includes Emory students. Learn about their work last summer on the iSamothrace iSites.

Excavations at Tell Halif, Israel, under the direction of Professor of Biblical Archaeology Oded Boroski, continue to uncover remains from the end of the 8th century BC, when the city – possibly biblical Rimmon – was destroyed. Among the remains discovered were a pillared house with a large assemblage of storage jars, and a kitchen that included an oven and grinding implements. Check back to follow this season’s progress on the Tell Halif iSite blog.

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