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March 1, 2010

President's commissions seek new members

“Someday, you'll change the world. Start with Emory.” That’s the message for staff, faculty and students to apply now for membership on one of the University’s three presidential commissions.

According to their charge, the commissions “help achieve equity for underrepresented groups.” They do this by spotlighting issues of concern and high priority to the respective groups and recommend actions to take on these issues to the appropriate authority groups.

President's Commission on Race and Ethnicity (PCORE)
PCORE is looking for people who are dedicated to service with a focus on the under represented minority of all different racial and ethnic backgrounds, according to Stacey Derico, senior associate sponsored research analyst. “Our major push is a joint collaboration with PCSW and PCSGDQE to renew the need for a current climate survey for the Emory community and hourly employee participation,” Derico says. “PCORE is ‘Reclaiming Our Identity,’” he adds, noting the commission’s theme this year, “and your participation is greatly needed.”

Learn more about PCORE.

President’s Commission on Sexuality, Gender Diversity, and Queer Equality (PCSGDQE)
This commission advises the president on issues of concern to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer persons across the University. “Ongoing work includes ensuring health care inclusiveness for transgender people across the University, better understanding the experiences and needs of LGBT people on campus, and working more collaboratively with other president's commissions,” says Tad Pace, assistant professor in the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences. “PCSGDQE has been working closely with PCSW and PCORE to tackle challenges that transcend each of our traditional missions in order to help Emory better appreciate and harness its wealth of diversity,” Pace adds.

Learn more about PCSGDQE.

President's Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW)
The commission advises the University president about improving the quality of life for all women at the University. Both women and men are welcome to serve on this commission, established in 1976, “to continue our tradition of enriching our community and enhancing our ability to transform society.” Lisa Newbern, PCSW chair, says, “The PCSW welcomes all Emory employees to join us in improving the quality of life for all women at the university, which we believe will strengthen the entire Emory community.”  PCSW nominations are due by Monday, March 8.

Learn more about PCSW.

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