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March 1, 2010

Take Note

Apply for Institute for Pedagogy

Faculty interested in attending this year’s Institute for Pedagogy in the Liberal Arts are urged to apply early for the May 11-14 sessions to be held at Oxford College. The program has 35 slots and the deadline is April 5.

At the first two-day session, there will be a team-based learning session and a session on inquiry-driven pedagogy for course and syllabi development.

Both sessions will be open to faculty from across Emory and beyond.

Information Technology offers “Blended Learning: Teaching with Technology” a hands-on approach to teaching with technology within an academic context.

In the second two-day session, Ken Bain, vice president of teaching and learning at Montclair State, will lead a two day workshop/discussion on best practices and how they might reshape what faculty do in their classes. Bain is the author of “What the Best College Professors Do,” winner of the Virginia and Warren Stone Prize for an Outstanding Book on Education in 2004.

There will also be second sessions on inquiry-driven pedagogy for faculty developing new courses or revising existing ones and on using technology.

A $500 stipend is offered to participants. For more information, contact Jeff Galle.

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