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May 17, 2010

By the numbers

Total number of 2010 graduates: 3,906

Total number of degrees awarded: 3,969

Undergraduate degrees: 2,017

Graduate degrees: 1,417

Professional degrees: 522

Percent of male graduates: 42.7

Percent of female graduates: 57.3

States represented: 47

Countries represented: 76

Age of youngest graduate: 19

Age of oldest undergraduate: 59

Oldest degree recipient: 71 (Master of Public Health)

Military service veterans graduated: 21

Average GPA of Emory College graduates: 3.38

Percent of Emory College graduates with GPA of 3.5 or higher: 45.5

Time of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Commencement address: 23 minutes, 32 seconds

Number of movie lines quoted in Commencement address: 5

Number of candles used in crossover ceremony: 1,000

Number of frames shot by University Photography: 2,758

*Registrar figures correct as of May 6. Other figures may be estimates.

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