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July 19, 2010

Report From: University Technology Services

Phone ownership change will shift control

In December 2009, University Technology Services (UTS) announced an important telephony change that has cost-saving potential for departments and divisions across Emory.

This change adjusts the billing practice for departmental desk phones. In the past, departments paid a monthly lease for each phone. Effective Sept.1, UTS will give all existing phones to the departments and will no longer charge the monthly phone lease. This transfer, known as “phone ownership,” will allow departments to take direct control over how frequently phones are upgraded or replaced, based on the needs of each particular unit.

On average, if a department can extend the lifespan of its phones for more than four years, it will see savings. Currently, leases run between $0.85 and $7.65 per month depending on the type of phone. The potential savings are significant, especially when multiplied monthly over Emory’s 28,000 phones. However, this does not eliminate the monthly port/line charge for each phone.

With phone ownership, University and Emory Healthcare departments will purchase additional phones via the UTS Shopping Cart. Phones will be delivered to UTS where they will be tested to ensure that they are in working order. For IP-Phones, there will be additional checks for the correct software and an emergency 911 label.

Departments will then pick up the phones and simply plug them in, as long as the jack is wired for the purchased phone-model. Alternately, departments will pay the normal UTS telephone installation rates to have UTS install them.

Existing phones at the time of ownership transfer may be out-of-warranty.  All newly purchased phones have a minimum one-year warranty from the day they arrive at UTS. This warranty does not include the phone cord or handset. A broken phone that is out-of-warranty requires the department buy a new replacement. If UTS dispatches a technician for a phone incident that turns out to be the handset or cord, there will be a service charge.

UTS will maintain a small inventory of phones for repair purposes. If a department wishes to avoid purchasing and shipping delays, UTS will replace an un-repairable phone and charge the department the cost of a new phone. However, the warranty will be limited to the time remaining from the date the phone was received into the UTS inventory.

Departments should remember un-plugging a phone does not stop the monthly recurring port/line charge, which can only be removed through a service order with UTS.

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