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August 30, 2010

Guide to Emory governance groups

Six governance groups representing broad but specific constituencies across the University advise campus administrators on issues of concern to their communities and initiate and implement projects that support their themes and issues.

Employee Council

What It Does: Facilitates communication between and represents the perspective of employees to the University administration; advocates for issues of concern for all University employees.

When It Meets: Every third Wednesday at noon. This year’s meetings will mainly be in the Winship Ballroom or the Campus Services training room, plus the annual meetings at Grady Memorial Hospital and Oxford College. The Council will supply dessert and drinks for brown bag lunch. First meeting: Sept. 28.

Key Events/Issues: Three focuses this year: An awareness of the Council and its meaning for employees, plus leadership opportunities within the Council; the Hardship Fund; and events, including the Town Hall, Staff Fest and volunteer opportunities.

For More Information:; Angie Duprey, president

Faculty Council

What It Does: Discusses policies and matters of interest to all University faculty, provides faculty perspective to University administrators, collaborates with administrators to enhance the quality of faculty life.

When It Meets: Third Tuesday of each month; 3:15 p.m.; 400 Administration Building. First meeting: Sept. 20.

Key Events/Issues: Enhancing communications effectiveness by distributing information about issues to all constituents, using a newsletter/blog and working to videotape meetings. Periodic meetings with other key University policymakers is another focus.

For More Information:; Steve Everett, president

University Senate

What It does: Represents every constituency of the University; serves as a forum on initiatives and proposals that affect the University as a whole. It is comprised of faculty, staff and students.

When It Meets: Fourth Tuesday of each month; 3:15 p.m.; Jones Room, Woodruff Library. First meeting: Sept. 28.

Key Events/Issues: Strengthening communications between subcommittees and University administrative offices. Reviewing governance functions for both the Senate and the Faculty Council.

For More Information:; Steve Everett, president

President’s Commission on the Status of Women

What It Does: Serves as an advisory board to the president on issues related to Emory women and seeks to advance women’s interests at the University.

When It Meets: Third Thursday of each month, 3 p.m., Jones Room, Woodruff Library. Meetings are open to all. First meeting: Sept. 16 in Room W525, Goizueta Business School.

Key Events/Issues: Women’s professional development, including the new “Taking Charge” workshop series, open to all; communication and connection among Emory women/women’s groups; equity in personnel, work/life balance issues and safety on campus for women.

For More Information:; Mary Dolan and Amy Stalzer, co-chairs

President’s Commission on Sexuality, Gender Diversity and Queer Equality

What It Does: Serves as a catalyst for the development of intentional University initiatives that support and encourage sexual and gender diversity and queer equality; identifies, researches and communicates issues and opportunities pertaining to queer communities at Emory.

When It Meets: Second Wednesday of each month; 3:30 p.m.; Jones Room, Woodruff Library. Meetings are open to all. First meeting Sept. 8.

Key Events/Issues: Continue working with Human Resources and with Emory Healthcare on addressing the needs of the LGBT community, including updating relevant policies.

For More Information:; Hunter Hanger and Matt Garrett, co-chairs

President’s Commission on Race and Ethnicity

What It Does: Serves as a forum for discussion and analysis of race and ethnicity on campus and of national import; develops and supports activities that enhance the presence of persons of color and strengthen the community of color at Emory.

When It Meets: Third Monday of each month; 3 p.m. Jones Room, Woodruff Library. First meeting: Sept. 20

Key Events/Issues: Increase the commission’s presence on campus and gather data on issues staff, faculty, students and others would like to see addressed.

For More Information:; Sheryl Heron and James Scott, co-chairs

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