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September 16, 2010

Report From: The Office of Community and Diversity

Honoring 100 community builders

Alex Christian is program coordinator in the Office of Community and Diversity

We are Emory, the Diversity Profile and Community and Diversity Booklet are among the Office of Community and Diversity’s many activities this year.

We are Emory
We are Emory is a university-wide initiative launched by the Office of Community and Diversity that aims to recognize individuals cultivating community throughout Emory.

For the second year, We are Emory honors the work of the 100 Community Builders. A sampling of honorees include:

Emory college student Dana Toy, who serves as a mentor for freshman on issues of race and diversity, and an advocate for global health; Ann Connor, a faculty member in the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, for her work with vulnerable populations, including the homeless and migrant farm worker families; and Anson Koch-Rein, a graduate student who founded Trans-forming Emory and is involved in a range of LGBT activities, including grassroots activism.

We honor the Community Builders on a poster, and we encourage those who identify with their spirit to wear a “We are Emory” wristband or take the “We are Emory” Pledge. We have also introduced a “We are Emory” lapel pin that can be worn with business or casual attire.

Please visit the website at, take the pledge, friend us on Facebook and thank our honorees for the work they do that enhances our learning, living and working community.

Diversity Profile
Emory is a diverse community. There are many divisions, offices and people within the Emory community who help the University fulfill its vision by providing leadership, encouragement and guidance to increase our institutional capacity for self-reflection, community building and pluralism and to enhance practices of access, equity and inclusion.

The offices of Community and Diversity, Equal Opportunity Programs, and Institutional Research have collaborated to publish the Diversity Profile to look at how the composition of the Emory community has changed as we work toward that vision.

The Diversity Profile is a demographic census of Emory faculty and staff from 1998–2009 and of Emory students from 2000–2009. It features data on race/ethnicity, gender, and age and describes trends across the University. Other data highlight administrative and academic divisions.

Like the Academic Profile, a yearly report that provides academic and administrative leaders with information for academic divisions, the Diversity Profile offers insight into our learning and working community.  

The Diversity Profile is intended to present information about the community; it is not intended to provide planning recommendations for the future diversity of Emory.

Diversity can be defined in many ways. The profile does not provide data on all aspects of diversity present on campus. This is in no way a statement about the significance of disability, political affiliation, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status within the community but rather a reflection on the limitations of the data and conventions used in our data reporting systems.  

Community and Diversity Booklet
The Community and Diversity booklet presents an overview of the Office of Community and Diversity — its structure, its initiatives, and its collaborations.

Within the booklet you will find information about the Center for Women, Office of Disability Services, Office of Equal Opportunity Programs and the Office of University-Community Partnerships. Additionally, the booklet contains information about resources for faculty, staff and students in every area and division of the University that endeavor to sustain and renew practices and policies that foster a more inclusive and cohesive community.

More than information-sharing, the brochure showcases how these resources are in conversation with one another in their efforts to facilitate access, strengthen equity, and enhance inclusion.

Please visit the Office of Community and Diversity at  

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