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October 29, 2010

Goizueta wins gender diversity honor

The second annual Award for Gender Diversity in Academics, from the President’s Commission on the Status of Women, was given to the Goizueta Business School (GBS).

Vice Provost for Community and Diversity Ozzie Harris presented the award to Goizueta’s Dean Larry Benveniste at the commission’s Oct. 21 meeting.

Amy Stalzer, PCSW Co-Chair, cited several of active initiatives GBS has that met the commission’s award criteria. These include:

• 87 percent of the 22 staff leadership roles are filled by women, including the vice dean over faculty, the associate dean over the undergraduate program, and several other associate and assistant deans.

• Women faculty head the accounting and information systems and operations management, departments where women are not typically well represented.

• Over half the accounting faculty positions are filled by women.  And female faculty are represented in each department, including finance, an area that is traditionally predominantly male.

• As an active participant in the Forte Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to the advancement of women in business, GBS commits to provide several merit-based scholarships to worthy female candidates, and participates in targeted recruiting events nationally and internationally.

In 2009, GBS, working with Forte, sponsored a workshop at Emory on building the pipeline of undergraduate women interested in business careers.

• GBS has formal and informal mentoring programs for women. Stalzer says particularly of note to the PCSW is the Graduate Women in Business Club. The  club’s student president wrote a supporting letter for the PCSW award, highlighting the club’s work with GBS. These include a session on networking, a golf outing to learn how to leverage sports as a career tool and an annual roundtable with female executives.

This is the second year the award has been presented.

The first-time recipient was the mathematics and computer science department, honored in 2009.


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