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July 29, 2011

Take Note

System will address environmental safety

A new environmental health and safety management system is being implemented by the University’s Environmental Health and Safety Office.

A policy statement for the new system is now open for review and comment by all members of the Emory community.   

Comments can be made either through the policy link or emailed to Maria Mendez.  The deadline is Aug. 15.

Mendez, assistant director of the environmental health and safety office, says the policy supports Emory’s commitment “to protect and enhance the safety and health of its students, faculty, staff, and visitors and to protect the environment of our campus and surrounding communities.” 

A federal Environmental Protection Agency initiative to evaluate environmental performance among higher learning institutions encourages to create a formal process to identify, correct and self-declare environmental performance. 

“Emory took a proactive approach and decided to implement an integrated environmental health and safety management system to address not only environmental but also safety and health performance,” according to Mendez. 

“Everyone within Emory has a role in fulfilling the commitments established in the policy, and that’s why we want to extend the review to the Emory community,” Mendez says.

Following the Aug. 15 deadline, a final draft of the policy will be completed and sent for review and approval by the University’s executive management.


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