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September 16, 2011

Take Note

New guides are reference source for campus communicators

Guides to writing and editing informational and promotional materials and producing videos at Emory are now available from the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Editorial Style Manual

This guide is a nonacademic, in-house reference source with hundreds of entries, addressing specifically university-related issues and frequently cited style questions.

It was created to help any writer or editor clarify and resolve questions of accuracy and consistency in producing written materials.

The new Emory Style Manual updates the last one, issued in 2004.

Susan Carini, executive director of Emory Creative Group, says, "The intention was to create a style manual less tied—as in the past—to the Chicago Manual of Style and more attuned to editorial standards associated with various platforms such as web versus print or types of publications like medical or development-related."

"In the end," she says, "we believe that the blend of styles from the Associated Press, Chicago and the American Medical Association has created a true Emory style, uniquely responsive to the University’s broad range of audiences."

Download the Emory Style Manual.

Video production: Guidelines and standards

Updated guidelines set minimum production quality standards for producing videos to post to Emory’s YouTube channel

They also serve as a guide to the appropriateness of using video as a communications medium for a particular project or story.

Technical and quality guidelines for video and audio are also provided, as well as links to campus resources for assistance with video production.

"Emory is already producing high quality, and in some cases award-winning, publications and photos," says Stephen Beehler, social and new media manager in Communications and Marketing.  "My hope is that these new video standards will guide University video projects, both for official and casual use, to a level of quality that is on par with Emory's other creative content hubs." 

He adds: "Premium video content will give Emory yet another effective vehicle to share the many stories of its students, faculty, staff and alumni with the world."

View Video Production: Guidelines and Standards.

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